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A Brillant Smile

Most people hate their teeth.  This isn’t uncommon for most of us and I am no exception.  They aren’t horrible and cavity ridden, which I am grateful, but because they are so uneven.  A smaller than normal tooth gives the impression of one missing and makes my smile look unbalanced.    Self consciousness ruled my smile.  I would watch people’s eyes stare at my teeth or when I talked.  It’s sad for someone to judge you for things like that but being young and at times made fun of it bothered me.  So aside from them not being picture perfect, one way that helps me feel confident is having a…


Signature Style

I don’t know when it happened. When I fell in love with floral prints. I have come to terms with the love I have and consider it my signature go to style. I cannot pass up a good floral. When browsing for new clothing, I try to stray and get stripes or something different but the florals get me every time. This dress is a perfect example of just that. Pink Blush had the best floral dresses and this one takes the cake. Pink, Floral, maxi length, nursing friendly and affordable! Tomorrow Troy and I leave on a little adventure alone to Arizona to participate in the Be…


Motherhood Life

I get asked A LOT, “how do you do it?” What is “it” I am a mom of two, to a climbing 21 month old and a screaming 5 month old I work 25+ hours a week (thats a good week) from home as a Marketing Manager for an awards company- I manage 22 festivals all online, emails, awards, our customer service and back end website stuff I blog. I am a wife. and now, I just joined Maskcara Cosmetics as an artist ambassador. I really don’t do it all by myself. I have a lot of help. Dax is in “day care” 1x a week for 4…


Red and Lace

Happy Valentines Day! Like every hallmark holiday, the importance is little to none. But it is very fun to remember and celebrate love. To remind our friends, family, and significant others that we truly love them…