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Pink Makes Everyone Happy

I love timeless, fashionable clothing.  Every woman only needs a few pieces in their wardrobe.  They never go out of style, are simple in their classic iconic way (think little black dress) and can often be…


Freshly Fresh

Convenience Why is everything that’s convenient not good for you?  Take fast food.  It’s there when you need it, it’s hot (usually) and it tastes good, depending on your particular poison. There are some new types of…



If you follow me on snapchat (aliapreston) you’ll know that I am on this high and low roller coaster of events. Most recent event is the nasty case of thrush that both Troy and I have….


My life in 2017

You know how you get really excited for the new year? Take all your Christmas decorations down on the 1st. Break out your planner- write in PEN your goals, to do lists, work schedule and workout…