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My little Grabber

How is it that babies grow up so fast?! Troy will be 8 months on the 10th. He is already standing up, he crawls everywhere, he is on the move. He also loves food (if you cant tell) He is a whopping 20lbs! He eats everything. So finding foods to keep him entertained at the same time can be a feat. He is so independent that he loves to feed himself. If you know anything about kids, this stage is messy! I am slowly letting him feed himself the best he can with certain foods. One of the best toddler inventionsΒ are the baby foods in pouches. I can…



I am not sure how to put into words, or describe the feelings I have been having lately. They have been almost all consuming. I write this post in hopes that any others out there can either help or not feel alone. Lately I get these dark overwhelming feelings like my child is going to be taken from me. I see on the news over and over about the many kidnappings, kids sold into sex slavery, murders, etc. Can there be an etc? Seems sick doesn’t it? I feel this news is more prominent than ever. While putting Dax down for his nap, I laid with him in…


I Love Blogging

I love blogging.Β  I love sharing fashion posts and all kinds of products new and unusual.Β  I started in 2003 and here I am!Β  Still! The blogging world has changed.Β  There’s Instagram where I can reach more readers.Β  I love it when someone discovers my blog through one of my Instagrams.Β  Facebook is another way to be found.Β  It’s such a great feeling when my readers love what I love. Even though it’s well known “influencers” buy likes and followers, I sometimes, feel frustrated by it.Β  The whole blogging scene can seem fake and shallow. Influencers take away the true essence of why we all began to blog….


Letting Go

Friendships are sweet but can turn very bitter in what seems like a blink of an eye.Β  Good ones are few and hard to come by and they aren’t easy.Β  When we come to a sad realization that one friendship is dying a horrible death we do, truly grieve.Β  Being good or best friends is a different investment of sorts than any other relationship.Β  There’s a certain confidentiality and bond that exists with no one else.Β  We tell our deepest secrets and share private jokes and when one slowly passes away so does that part of our hearts does not.Β  We feel vulnerable. We all need friends.Β  They…