Sun Protection

Beach protection is very important.  The older I get the more conscious I am.  I wish I could go back so I could tell my younger self to be more sun smart. I love cabana wear, its cute and protects my fragile skin.  I’ve had two suspicious moles removed from my back and my skin is hyper sensitive when I’m at the beach. I love these adorable rash guards.  The are comfy and so cute!  This whole suit set is my “go to” for the beach now!


Sky Blue

Lately my life has taken a turn down a road I wished I never had to travel. On Monday I started experiencing sharp pains in my stomach. I wasnt sure if it was just from my bad diet over the weekend (disney food) or something else serious going on. As the night progressed the pain got worse, so the ER we went. After a CT scan it was confirmed I have appendicitis, so they removed my appendix at about 3am Tuesday morning. I was lucky that it didnt burst and the surgery was so quick and clean, they sent me home at 6am. Recovery has been hard, and…



Sponsored by Single Edition Media on behalf of Algenist Most people don’t believe me when I tell them I will be 33 in just a few short months. I do suffer from great genes, but I also love to take care of my skin and am a major preventionist. My #1 major fighter against wrinkles is Algenist ELEVATE Advanced Lift Contouring cream. 10 minutes to firm and 10 days to sculpt. It has fast-acting peptides and instant sculpting texture that has been clinically measured to firm skin in 10 minutes. It also has a unique gold delivery system, along with Alguronic Acid, which provides extended peptide activity for…


Salsa Verde Brussel Sprouts and Cauliflower Recipe

Summer is coming in fast and I am always on the prowl for new and exciting recipes, that are easy and require little prep. This Salsa Verde Brussel Sprouts and Cauliflower with quinoa is my new favorite I was pleasantly surprised with how yummy it was and that we ALL ate it in my household! I already loved the ingredients, but the sauce was what made this dish soo good! It took me less than 30 minutes to make and less than 1 minute to eat! The star of the show was the Salsa Verde from  LA VICTORIA. LA VICTORIA® Brand is inspired by the bold and unique…