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White Lace

As a mom, I sometimes wonder why I even bother buying clothing. I end up wearing Pjs for most of the day and when I do get dressed I’m usually wearing jeans and a t-shirt I found off my floor. I know I am not alone, but I also know how much better I feel when I put more into my appearance. Thats why I like to buy practical but chic clothing that makes me feel a little dressed up, even though I’m wearing “basics” This shirt, made of cotton and chain link lace is so feminine and comfortable. I linked a few of my favorite finds that…


Stripe Obsession

I have a deep obsession with blue and white right now, so my apologies in advance for my entire blog posts containing only those colors. This dress has been worn 3x since I got it. Its one of those dresses that feels like I am wearing nothing but is so practical I wish I had a few more in other colors. If you are local to San Diego Miss Match SD is having a buy one get one 50% off! Killer deal to stock u on great dresses and tops! I hope everyone is having a wonderful memorial weekend! Photography by: Preston PortraitsΒ  Dress: c/o Miss Match SD…


Sun Protection

Beach protection is very important. Β The older I get the more conscious I am. Β I wish I could go back so I could tell my younger self to be more sun smart. I love cabana wear, its cute and protects my fragile skin. Β I’ve had two suspicious moles removed from my back and my skin is hyper sensitive when I’m at the beach. I love these adorable rash guards. Β The are comfy and so cute! Β This whole suit set is my “go to” for the beach now!


Sky Blue

Lately my life has taken a turn down a road I wished I never had to travel. On Monday I started experiencing sharp pains in my stomach. I wasnt sure if it was just from my bad diet over the weekend (disney food) or something else serious going on. As the night progressed the pain got worse, so the ER we went. After a CT scan it was confirmed I have appendicitis, so they removed my appendix at about 3am Tuesday morning. I was lucky that it didnt burst and the surgery was so quick and clean, they sent me home at 6am. Recovery has been hard, and…