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Mothers Day

“Your greatest contribution to this world may not be necessarily what you do, but someone you raise. Changing the world starts with within your household.” – Hannah of Brave Blonde “Motherhood isn’t about having a picture perfect home with spotless floors & perfect little ones running around… Motherhood is about loving on your crying baby at 3am, changing the millionth dirty diaper, & enjoying the sweet and very real moments that come along with being a mama… I’m just enjoying the journey of motherhood because these babies of ours sure won’t be little like this for long.” – Kasey of Thee Girl in Yellow “For me, being a…


My little Grabber

How is it that babies grow up so fast?! Troy will be 8 months on the 10th. He is already standing up, he crawls everywhere, he is on the move. He also loves food (if you cant tell) He is a whopping 20lbs! He eats everything. So finding foods to keep him entertained at the same time can be a feat. He is so independent that he loves to feed himself. If you know anything about kids, this stage is messy! I am slowly letting him feed himself the best he can with certain foods. One of the best toddler inventionsΒ are the baby foods in pouches. I can…



I am not sure how to put into words, or describe the feelings I have been having lately. They have been almost all consuming. I write this post in hopes that any others out there can either help or not feel alone. Lately I get these dark overwhelming feelings like my child is going to be taken from me. I see on the news over and over about the many kidnappings, kids sold into sex slavery, murders, etc. Can there be an etc? Seems sick doesn’t it? I feel this news is more prominent than ever. While putting Dax down for his nap, I laid with him in…


I Love Blogging

I love blogging.Β  I love sharing fashion posts and all kinds of products new and unusual.Β  I started in 2003 and here I am!Β  Still! The blogging world has changed.Β  There’s Instagram where I can reach more readers.Β  I love it when someone discovers my blog through one of my Instagrams.Β  Facebook is another way to be found.Β  It’s such a great feeling when my readers love what I love. Even though it’s well known “influencers” buy likes and followers, I sometimes, feel frustrated by it.Β  The whole blogging scene can seem fake and shallow. Influencers take away the true essence of why we all began to blog….