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I Love Blogging

I love blogging.  I love sharing fashion posts and all kinds of products new and unusual.  I started in 2003 and here I am!  Still! The blogging world has changed.  There’s Instagram where I can reach more readers.  I love it when someone discovers my blog through one of my Instagrams.  Facebook is another way…


Letting Go

Friendships are sweet but can turn very bitter in what seems like a blink of an eye.  Good ones are few and hard to come by and they aren’t easy.  When we come to a sad realization that one friendship is dying a horrible death we do, truly grieve.  Being good or best friends is…


No water, no problem

Up until very recently there’s been a huge water crisis here in California. But due to the massive amount of much needed rain we are officially out of the drought.  During the first two years of living here, there were signs everywhere reminding people to be water conscious.  Not to let faucets run, wash cars,…


Alia’s Favorites Giveaway- March

Whew! Almost missed this months giveaway but SOO worth the wait! This has been my favorite part of blogging thus far. I love to give back, love to hear how people love what I love and I just love curating some favorites every month and I have such a (small) loyal following I want to…