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White Lace

As a mom, I sometimes wonder why I even bother buying clothing. I end up wearing Pjs for most of the day and when I do get dressed I’m usually wearing jeans and a t-shirt I found off my floor. I know I am not alone, but I also know how much better I feel…


Stripe Obsession

I have a deep obsession with blue and white right now, so my apologies in advance for my entire blog posts containing only those colors. This dress has been worn 3x since I got it. Its one of those dresses that feels like I am wearing nothing but is so practical I wish I had…


Sun Protection

Beach protection is very important. Β The older I get the more conscious I am. Β I wish I could go back so I could tell my younger self to be more sun smart. I love cabana wear, its cute and protects my fragile skin. Β I’ve had two suspicious moles removed from my back and my skin…


Sky Blue

Lately my life has taken a turn down a road I wished I never had to travel. On Monday I started experiencing sharp pains in my stomach. I wasnt sure if it was just from my bad diet over the weekend (disney food) or something else serious going on. As the night progressed the pain…