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Casually Waiting

I’m trying to be casual.  Trying to be indifferent so I can get my mind off being impatient.  Trying not to be irritated at no change in dilation than the week before. I was counting on an early baby like Dax.  Approaching and passing week 36 than 37 with no baby, trying to patient quickly…


Royal Blue

Nursing moms, pregnant moms and women about to be a mom, this post is for you. When I was nursing Dax, I remember getting ready for the day and dreading it.  Especially if I was going “out”. Nursing friendly clothing seems to be hard to come by.   Cute, functional and discrete clothes for sure!  It…


‘Round the Corner

August is here which means September is literally ’round the corner!  Fall styles are on the shelves.  I feel like a kid in a candy store with sales, sales everywhere.  It just makes sense to stock up and save money.  Anyway, by the time fall arrives, I’m going to have two babies in hand (hands)…


4th of July, Family Style

I don’t know why I love 4th of July so much.  Maybe because it’s so festive, there’s an energy and excitement in anticipation of fireworks, parades and 4th of July breakfasts with the traditional flag raising.  I especially love the sparkling fireworks, the barbecues and I was born in July!  This time last year, little…