Perfecting Life

Today’s post is brought to you by ZonePerfect bars.  #ZonePerfectLittleWins #LittleWins


I never thought I would have two boys so close together.  By the time my feet hit the ground, I’m in the fast lane.  I have to keep up the pace and make sure I’m getting the proper nutrition throughout the day.  There’s play dates, doctor appointments and just plain shopping!  I don’t always eat what I should because it’s not convenient.

ZonePerfect Bars are well…perfect!  They are an all natural nutrition bar.  They are high in protein, have vitamins and minerals and they taste GREAT!  They come in the most delicious flavors.  I have to remind myself ZonePerfect Bars are good for me because they taste like candy bars.  I carry a bar in my purse and in my diaper bag.


You can find most things you need at Walmart, so when cruising the aisles grab a few boxes of  ZonePerfect!  They have everything you need to tide you over until you can eat a “meal”.




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