Keeping My Post Baby Body Healthy!

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Summer’s past, children are in school finally and I’m feeling Fall is the perfect time for a change.  When I see myself in the mirror, I think healthy lifestyle change.  After having my second baby in little over a two year span my body isn’t the same.  The first thing that comes to mind isn’t exercise, it’s food.  Food that I will have to give up so I can replace it with green leafy things.  I’ll need to drink more water and less yummy things to sip.


Then there’s that unattainable eight hours of sleep.  There is no human being that can get that much sleep except a teenager.

A healthy lifestyle change including exercise and diet is the perfect time to incorporate adult vitamins. It’s hard to prepare totally healthy meals all the time.  Taking your vitamins keeps you covered and Sundown Naturals® makes the most wonderful vitamins, they turned them into gummies!

I happened to find mine at my latest trip to Walmart.  All I have to do is grab my gummies and eat them on the go.  For me they are perfect, I also love that Walmart has vitamins for the entire family!

Since no one I know gets eight hours of sleep every night, it is important to make sure the rest I do get is quality rest.  My go to vitamin for helping me get some quality shut-eye is Sundown Naturals® Melatonin Gummies.



The Woman’s Multivitamin Gummies are the big guns.  I’m not going to get all of those goodies in my food all the time and I love grabbing my vitamins and eating them.  I’m loving that eating my vitamins feels like a treat.  Sundown Naturals® have no artificial ingredients and are free of gluten and dairy and artificial flavors◊.


It’s nice to have some help as I recover from baby number two and now I’m always on the go with two under two!  Thanks to Sundown Naturals® I find it more convenient to ensure my healthy lifestyle is on track!


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