Making My Tote Savvy

This is a story about how a simple invention called Tote Savvy turned my crazy, chaotic, mommie life into an organized, calm and predictable one.  Well, as far as my diaper bag is concerned anyway. 

Below is my current diaper bag.  I use zip lock bags to “organize”.  There are snacks all over the place and toys…so many toys.  Not to mention my needed personal items, right?  I don’t want this to be about how annoying it is to dig around for my keys, find my wallet or pull out my hand, sticky from fishing out melted fruit snacks or from a puddle of juice that has spilled.  I want to talk about how I no longer have to deal with this.

With our second son due very soon, we needed to upgrade to a bigger diaper bag.  I don’t like structured diaper bags.  I need something that gives me the ability to move around or stuff under the stroller.  I want as little weight as possible because I know I am going to pack it full.


What a mess!


We upgraded to the Eliza Bag.  It’s a great looking diaper bag that doesn’t look like a diaper bag and it meets all my requirements.  I loved the black above one so much that I wanted the exact same just bigger! And am so glad I found it! 


Tote Savvy  is a convertible insert that organizes all your mom and baby needs.  It just slips into your diaper bag and everything is in its proper place.  Finally, there is order to this madness.


See all those amazing pockets!  It even has an insulated pocket for bottles.  This simple to use product has a place for everything and it’s so much fun to organize.


Tote Savvy fits perfectly in my bag and I still have room for the those items that need to be right there, when I need them.




You can also slip it into another bag without all the fuss.  Here is my other favorite bag and Tote Savvy fits in perfectly as well!

Thanks to Tote Savvy for sponsoring this post!



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