This is one of the last outfits I will post.  It’s sad I won’t fit into anything for awhile but excited because all my clothes will feel new all over again. 

As we were taking photos, I thought about how fast these last nine months have passed.  I think for all moms these last few weeks are slow as molasses and you wonder if your baby is ever going to show up!

With sleepless nights, little feet beating me up and ribs feeling at the verge of breaking, I have to remember this will be over soon, it WILL be over!  Then my wild 15 month old drinks a bottle of mustard he stole out of the fridge and I’m wondering…two?  Two of them.  Then I stop thinking.

Looking at these photos, I’m reminded how beautiful pregnancy really is.  You see moms all over and you feel their pain.  But you also see another beautiful human will soon be added to our human family and you forget your woes for a minute. 

From Shabby Apple’s new line comes this beautiful dress.  It’s made out of a beautiful light weight, flowy material and it’s flattering even at almost nine months pregnant.  I will love it even more when I am nursing my sweet bundle in church, on a dressy outing or any excuse to wear this fabulous dress.  The way it wraps and the lightness of this fabric makes for a wonderful and convenient combination.


Dress: c/o Shabby Apple Shoes: c/o Banana Republic 









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