Better Late Than Never

I have been very MIA lately.

Life is fragile isn’t it?  One minute you’re going about your daily routine and the next minute boom, life turns upside down and what a mess.

So my favoritest thing to do in the world, this blog (except being a mom), gets regulated to the bottom of the totem pole.  Which is bottomless at the moment.

I have always loved blogging about fashion, sharing life stories, tips, and simply having fun.  Life might never be totally in balance but I am back, feeling better with fun things to share and write about.

Although Valentine’s day is past and my dying dozen roses’ wilting petals are falling all over the counter, here is a really cute Valentine’s day look.

Better late than never!  Red never goes out of style anyway even if February is on the wane. 

I appreciate all of you who read my blog.  I look forward to bringing new and interesting things to you.

Thank you for reading…still! Xoxo

skirt: T&J designs Sweater:Loft Shoes:Just Fab





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