Motorola Style with Jonathan Adler

Style is expression without speaking.  Being a fashion lover, I am always looking for ways to express the unspoken creativity or style I want to portray.

Whether it be clothing, make up, or accessories every part makes up the style you want to illustrate.

Can your phone say something about you?

How about in bold florals and bright colors?


Soft blues and bold shapes?


Or fun and flirty?


Either way you have plenty of options!

Jonathan Adler’s designs span from furnishings to fashion. Now, he brings his penchant for impeccable craftsmanship and irreverent luxury to personal technology in an inspired collaboration with Motorola. He created three limited edition cell phone cases of the Moto X Pure Edition. Choose the style that fits you.


Even better than a beautiful accessory is the quality of the Phone:
• Top-rated 21 MP camera.
• All day battery.
• TurboPower for the world’s fastest charging.
• A stunning 5.7” Quad HD display.
• Front-facing stereo speakers deliver crisp, clear, and powerful audio.
• Advanced water protection so spills, splashes, or rain won’t ruin your day.
• It’s unlocked, which means you can use your Moto X on any network, and switch carriers whenever you want – without having to buy a new phone! 

What are you waiting for? Go get your beautifully designed phone and be creative, let your design side shine!


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