Having a new born there are times where you wish you could put the baby in a sound proof bubble and not worry about where you take them, or what you do around the house. Sadly this doesn’t exist.

What does exist is something more practical and useful. The HUSH Hat™. Developed by a mom frustrated with not being able to keep her baby asleep Jaycee came up with the initial creation of the HUSH Hat.

The HUSH Hat™ is designed to comfortably protect your baby’s sensitive hearing, softening sounds that constantly wake sleeping babies  Designed with specialized sound-absorbing foam and ultra-soft materials, each HUSH Hat™ not only reduces noise, but is incredibly comfortable.

We tested this hat out at our first big family outing, The Padres Baseball game. You dont realize how loud sporting events are until you bring a 7 week old! Holy Cow! He was pretty much fine during the game until after he ate and he wanted to go back to sleep. He would start to fall asleep then someone would score a home run, and well, fireworks, loud screaming, and very loud music he would start to get fussy.

We put the hat on and bam! He was in a sweet pod of tranquility. He just seemed very comfortable and did fall asleep in his grandpas arms. This hat will come in handy this weekend watching fireworks!


Look at that sweet face!

IMG_9338 (1)


Happy as a Clam!




I have teamed up with Hush Hat to give away 3 hats to 3 winners.

Mint- Newborn

Blue- 0-3 Month

Pink- 3-6 Month

To enter make sure you are following @littlemrspriss & @shophusbaby on instagram

Comment on the blog which hat you would like!

Giveaway ends 7/5/15

Good luck!



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