Dax’s Room

My sons room is a work in progress. Moving here with NO baby furniture, stress of working, unpacking and organizing life we didn’t really get the chance to do much “nesting”

I still have pictures to hang, closet to organize and a floor to vacuum! Since Dax sleeps with us for another month I am not in the biggest rush to get the room “done” I am introducing his crib slowly by laying him dow in there for a nap.

Currently our room has been taken over with baby stuff. I have a cradle next to me, its like a mini crib. A changing station in our room and his current fitting onesies.

I will get to finishing his room soon, but for now I am enjoying this little babe time. His sweet noises and snuggles in the early morning make my heart swell!

I want to talk about this beautiful handmade quilt from Bobrie Designs. They make amazing custom crib quilts or children quilts.

There is something to be said for handmade with love items. When I opened the package of this quilt I got teary eyed. It was the day before he was born that I received it and has been the focus of his room. My grandma made me an afghan when I was little and I snuggled with it every Saturday watching cartoons, at night when I watched movies and of course in bed. It was my favorite blanket.

I hope Dax has the same memories with this perfectly designed quilt for my little stylish man.

Bobrie Designs is offering my readers 30% off a custom quilt. You can pick from their already done designs or you create what you want, color, style and size.  I am so in love with the intricate detail and that it was my design (though talented hands made it) Use code LITTLEMRSPRISS at checkout!


Quilt c/o Bobrie Designs IMG_6154

Curtains: Overstock/Nautica IMG_6162

Moccs: Sweet N Swag  He wore these on his blessing day




IMG_6168This kitty had to be in the shoot, she said she felt slender and her hair looked good!


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