Dax James Preston

I’m sitting here staring at my sweet little man sleeping next to me.  I have crazy Jack Nicholson hair, I am sleep deprived but full of love.  Looking through the pictures from the day of his birth brings me to tears.

When you first find out you are pregnant, you immediately feel a connection to your baby.  The baby grows and grows for nine months but nothing can prepare you for the day you finally meet.  I was so scared of labor, of breast feeding and all the other “unknowns”.  Due to our hectic lives I had NO birth plan.  I wasn’t prepared and yet I didn’t know what I was supposed to be prepared for.

Every few weeks it seemed, I was going to deliver this baby.  Five times at the hospital to calm the contractions was not my idea of a date night.  Then they stopped and instead of early I might even go to 40 weeks.  Ironic.  Needless to say he came two weeks before he was due but I don’t think I could have birthed a child bigger than his 6lbs 10 ounces.

For the sixth and final time, we’re on the way to the hospital.  How did I know it was the last?  Because I was screaming during the entire ride.  Was I going to have this baby any minute?  On my list:  Nick will learn how to birth babies. 

Once at the hospital, they couldn’t get that epidural set up fast enough.  Finally the seas were calm and the sailing smooth.  My water broke and…the boat was still sailing but now time had slowed waaaaaay down.   

What seemed hours later, waiting for those 10 centimeters it was time to push this baby out.  The sheer effort it took to finally give birth connected me to those millions of women who have and will do this exact same thing.  I pushed and pushed and pushed for what seemed forever and I was beginning to doubt I could push this little person out.  The last two, not unlike the last two miles in a marathon, took everything I had and that was enough. 

No mother can ever forget that last push when the baby is born.  The relief is incredible and the joy immeasurable.  When they put that little miracle on my chest skin to skin, I felt an overwhelming love that cannot be explained. I cried as I held this little miracle.  Pain was (almost) forgotten.

Dax James Preston.

6lbs 10 ounces with a head full of hair.  He was perfect in every way.










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