Delivered With a Bow

Most of you know of the beautiful coral reefs in Hawaii and Mexico.  Snorkeling among the ocean flowers, velvety seaweed and pretty colored fishes come to mind when I saw this dress.  It’s in a wonderful shade of coral.  It’s from Dainty Jewel’s and if all their clothes are indicative of this dress than you will be impressed with the great quality.  Even though it isn’t maternity it could pass for one.

I feel like a pretty package with this big, bold bow.  How appropriate is this?  What a wonderful present it would be to have this little baby on Mother’s Day!

It’s almost time!  It seems like the past 9 months have gone by so slooooow.  But now, at the end of the road, I look back and time has disappeared.  I’m ready to have this baby leave the incubator and start our  journey as a little family.


Dress: c/o Dainty Jewells  Shoes: Loft Earrings: Loft Bracelets: c/o Sparkle & Gem, Purple Peridot






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