Floating Flowers

Can this dress make a mom-in-waiting anymore beautiful?  The flowers are floating on a sea of blue. 

Every experience in life seems to come with a lot more situations to experience than you bargain for.  Moving, making a baby, working and trying to plan for birth puts a person on overload.

Being an over-doer means overexerting myself, physically, mentally and emotionally.  I’m blameless.  Only a woman and the keeper of the house really knows what needs to be done, packed and cleaned in the way it needs to be done.  It’s a simple fact.  And not stopping until to gets done.  All these things could make even a non-pregnant woman go into labor!

I am doing much better now and with the help of great friends in our area I feel like I a weight has been lifted and this move will  be much easier!

These pictures were taken about 2 weeks ago. I have definitely ballooned since then! My husband predicts our son will be early. I am hoping for the opposite. I’m not ready. I have no overnight bag, no bed, no car seat, no outfit to bring him home in, NOTHING. But sometimes the best plan is no plan right?!  (Um….maybe not.)

Thank you to everyone for your sweet well wishes, love and support. I love the blogging community and the amazing women I have met who have lifted me up during this process!

Photography by Taylor White


Dress: Pink Desert non Maternity






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