Coronado Love

This past weekend we spent some time in San Diego with family. My sister-in-law and her husband were sealed in the San Diego LDS temple.  It’s so breath taking at the top of the hill surrounded by such beautiful landscaping. 

I wanted a spring outfit for the occasion and from Pink Blush Maternity, my now number one maternity shop, I found this perfect pastel pink dress.  It seemed many people were like minded as it received so many compliments. Not only is it beautiful, but flowy and comfortable.

We had a little impromptu photo session on the beach in picturesque Coronado, my favorite place in San Diego. I love Hotel Del, the town and of course the beach.

I added a pregnancy update below, and the pictures were taken by my sister-n-law owner of Preston Portraits.

Dress: c/o Pink Blush Maternity









How Far Along: 26 weeks!

Gender: Baby Boy!

Total Weight Gain: about 21 lbs

Maternity Clothes: Oh heavens YESSSS! I am still wearing and mixing in non-maternity clothing, but I have to wear maternity pants, dresses are starting to get a little harder to get away with as well, I want to own every dress from PinkBlush Maternity! Target, Gap and Loft have some great pieces that I cannot live without!

Sleep: I have officially been in the stage of pregnancy where sleep is rarity. I currently have a cold and cannot breathe so that doesn’t help. I pee about 2-3x a night, rotate from side to side about 30x and get insomnia about 1x a week. Also, waking up at 3am starving never feels good. I have a hard time taking naps, so those are rare. I know I am totally being prepared physically for lack of sleep as I feel like I can fully function normally during the days on bad sleep nights.

Miss Anything: Being able to shave my legs easily, bending over, sushi, sleeping normal, my original body ( that can be selfish, but every pregnant woman thinks it, and its normal. Physical pregnancy transformation is very difficult) I miss my old jeans!

Cravings: Donuts, chocolate and salads! What a combo. I always crave sweets, fried dough and cake are my weak spots!

Symptoms: My back aches a lot if I stand for long of a period. I get ligament pains every once in a while and my legs have swollen a couple of times. I feel like I have all the normal symptoms at this stage..just waiting for the even better ones in a couple of weeks!

Belly Button/Body Changes: Its almost gone, I don’t think it will pop out, but its close? I am seeing that dark line start to appear but its super light. My thighs have gotten so big, along with my booty. Most of my weight has stayed below the belt. I do have some face weight gain, but thats normal.

Mood: So volatile! I can be happy as a clam then SNAP! because my husband is breathing wrong! Its terrible. The other night I asked him if he missed me, without hesitation he said “yes” Im somewhere in there, I just hope I come back 😉

Best Moment This Week: On Monday, I think he kicked and moved until about 11pm. I love to feel him move around, sometimes its really uncomfortable, but I am noticing his feet, butt and head more as he shifts. He’s super super active and just the past two days he’s calmed down. It scares me when I don’t feel him move but when I do I feel all warm and sweet inside!

Looking Forward to: Third trimester. (ha thats a lie) Meeting him, I just want to know what he looks like.

I was swimming 2x a week. I haven’t exercised in quite a while, but I am very active during the day. I get bored sometimes so I start to clean and vacuum! I count that as exercise! Im going to start prenatal yoga and try the bike at the gym. I loved swimming but it dries my skin out SO much!

On My Mind:  What isn’t on my mind?! We have a lot of changes coming up in our household, I am trying to not stress about anything and feel like avoidance does a good job at that! I had a really tough 1st trimester, as I had major anxiety about miscarriage and then feeling like if I did carry full term the baby would be broken somehow. If you’ve never experienced a miscarriage you might not understand, but I still get freaked out that I am this far along. I pray nightly that the baby is okay and he’s healthy and well. So far have had no complications and feel immensely blessed. I still can’t believe that I am going to be a mother, its a very surreal feeling. There are these feelings of fear and excitement that penetrate your body and you almost have no idea what to do with them! I do feel like I am never alone with this miracle inside of me. Its been a true testament of my faith waking up each day and knowing I am creating life!

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