Current Skin Care Regime

I like to change my skin care routine after I finish out a face wash. After my 1st trimester my skin dramatically changed. I am usually greasy, oily and look like I live in a sauna after about 12pm.

This pregnancy has dried out my skin, which I am VERY grateful for. I always wanted to know what it was like to have normal skin! With this change I needed to update my skin care routine. I was using a harsh face wash that was meant to dry me out and witch hazel as my toner. My only moisturizer was Josie Maran Argan Oil Light. I loved it. But I was a peeling dry mess after the shower.

Christmas time is my favorite time to buy skin care sets. You get your monies worth and don’t risk too much if you hate it. Though its never a risk when you buy at Sephora. You can return anything! Guess what, if you love what you read you can still purchase the stater kit here! 

I have a feeling that I will be using this skin care line for a long time. I love it! LOVE it! It deep cleans, but doesn’t dry you out. The moisturizer is seriously the best thing I have ever used. You get so much in that tub and it can literally be put anywhere!


Face Cleanser – I 1st used this cleanser when I had these tiny tumors removed from under my eyes. It was recommended by my dermatologist. It was gentle, but really cleaned any dirt off your face. That heavy eyeliner and mascara..gone! I love the texture. Its thick and creamy, but leaves your face feeling squeaky clean!

Exfoliating Wash  – I have been using this for over a year and still love it. Its very gentle but exfoliates like microdermabrasion. I use in the shower about 2x a week. It gets deep into my pores and takes off any dry icky skin I have built up.

Radiance Pads (toner) – I have been using a toner since I was 16. I feel like if I don’t use one then my skin isn’t the same. It might be more of a mental issue than a skin care. I have used more and gentle kinds throughout the years as my skin has changed. I used to use witch hazel (which I still love) but because my skin is so sensitive right now I love these pads. They are easy and gentle but totally do the work!

Moisturizer – This tub is worth the money on its own! I slather this on at night and dab it in the morning. Its very light despite the texture. I never feel greasy or like I am using too heavy of a product. This whole line is just great, obviously I am biased. I use extra at night to make sure I moisturize my hands and cuticles. I even slather it over my lips as added moisture!

Spot treatment  –  Lets face it, we all get that dreaded pimple! I am 30 and still get them! This spot treatment is the best one i’ve used. I have used a lot. They either dry out my skin, hurt/burn, or don’t work. This stuff works. If you have a face full of zits I don’t think this will cure you.. those problems are much more deep seeded. But if you get the occasional pimple, this stuff is it!

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What are your skin care favorites? Have you ever used First Aid Beauty before?


This post is NOT sponsored. All options are mine alone and I have NOT been compensated for this. 


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