Be A Skinnygirl with low calorie popcorn!

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When you think of popcorn, it’s the freshly popped kind at a movie theater in those cool machines you’ve wanted to own since you were a kid, just for snacking.  Freshly popped with melted butter and lots of salt.  Food of the gods. It’s so, so bad for you, this guilty pleasure.  

Then it’s a good thing I don’t own one because I LOVE popcorn. I snack on it, I will miss a meal because of it, I love eating them one by one to make them last and of course, it goes so perfectly with a cold, icy Coke.  

Although I love hot melted butter and salt, it would be nice to experiment with other flavors but it’s kind of a pain, right?  You have to buy all those special salts and whatever.  Sometimes it would just be nice to have a cute little pack of popcorn all ready with cool flavors.

Wait…what!?  There is?

Yes!  And it’s called Skinnygirl Popcorn.  You gotta love that name!  Skinnygirl has these awesome little mini-bags of popcorn you just pop in the microwave already flavored!  Butter & Sea Salt flavored Skinnygirl is a wonderful substitute for my greasy movie of choice, popcorn. They are available at Walmart in the snacks aisle. 

But…the Lime & Salt flavor is truly a treat.


Some good friends stopped by the other night for some girly bonding.   Someone asks for the nail polish, a cold coke, then we pull out the magazines and go over some looks I am hoping to create.

 We girls love to hang out but snacking is a serious issue and what do I do?  I bring out this new Skinnygirl Popcorn and I see that look in their eyes.  You know, skinny means disappointing.  I just put it down and by the time the evening was over we went through quite a few packages and didn’t feel guilty!  Not one bit.  The flavor of the evening was the Lime & Salt.

White Cheddar Chipotle and Kettle Corn Skinnygirls are on the horizon.  I can’t wait! 

IMG_1187 2






Skinnygirl is now a staple in my pantry.  I don’t have to feel guilty and healthy doesn’t taste boring.  I love the flavors especially Butter but the Lime is fast tracking it’s way to first place.  Even though I’ll always love my movie popcorn, my eating healthier mindset just may have me sneaking this GREAT popcorn into the theater.  (No one does that, do they?) 

Get the delicious popcorn at Walmart in the snacks/popcorn aisle


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