Veronic DiCaire

What if you could go to a concert and see Lady Gaga, Madonna, Adele, Celine Dion, Tina Turner, Pink, Brittany Spears, Whitney Huston, Cher and a host of other famous and iconic performers?  Would that be worth a trip to Las Vegas?  In a New York minute!

Let me introduce you to Veronic DiCaire, vocal impressionist extraordinaire.

This woman not only performs an amazing repertoire of voices but gives you the whole package as she channals each performer’s showmanship style and dance moves.

Veronic is well known internationally and imitates the likes of Patricia Kaas, Edith Piaf, and Vanessa Paradis, all famous French performers.

Given tickets to see this “Veronic DiCaire” performing at Bally’s and attend the after party sponsored by Vegas Magazine, I thought “party” and I was in.  I had no idea what this show was all about.  My thoughts of some mediocre impressionist performing another cheesy Vegas show passed through my mind seconds before Veronic jumped on stage and started singing my favorite 80’s pop songs by artists Cyndi Lauper, Pat Benatar, Irene Cara, the Bangles and more.

I was transported back to my fangirl wannabe glory days.  It was all I could do to keep my feet on the ground, resist the urge to dance on the table and belt out the surprisingly remembered lyrics spilling out of my dusty brain.

This show was, after all, a concert within a concert with reincarnations of some of the greatest voices  and performances of all time.  I’m in awe, impressed and ready to party down!  (Did I just say that??)


Veronic Voices Premiere At Bally's Las Vegas

Veronic Voices Premiere At Bally's Las Vegas


It was fun getting up close and personal with Veronic after the show.  Sadly, I was so busy chatting with others I missed my opportunity to meet her.

Veronic DiCaire Hosts Vegas Magazine's Spring Issue Party

It was a night of impersonations and Nick and I did a great job doing some celebrity channeling ourselves.   Hey!  We even got our picture in Vegas Magazine!


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If you have the chance to see a Veronic DiCaire show, I guarantee you’ll be impressed and delighted. I can’t wait to take family and friends.



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