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A Real Goddess Mom of San Diego

Most of my photos are taken on Sundays.  It’s the one day of the week that I get REALLY ready.  Contour my face, pretty my hair and find the outfit that makes me feel happy.  On this particular evening’s, “after dinner, boys bath time then clean up” routine, I found myself on the floor, in front of the TV watching my equivalent of TV junk food, Real Housewives.  Folding my never ending piles of laundry, I’m pondering how simple my life is compared to others. I think of some of the really big bloggers I feel like I want to aspire to be.  They live in million dollar homes…


A Little Me Christmas

Traditions, I love them.  Eating sweet potatoes on Thanksgiving and new pajamas on Christmas.  Thanks to Little Me Clothing, I have the perfects pjs for both my boys.  It feels like Christmas won’t ever get here!  Most of our shopping is done, the tree is up so it’s just a fun waiting game.  Going to parties, taking the boys to see lights, snuggling up to Christmas movies and getting into the Spirit which is so bright this time of year.  This year will be exciting as Dax knows exactly HOW to open presents.  I just hope I can capture his face Christmas morning.  In the meantime, we’ll be…


LeMall Sales for All

Tech products are the #1 asked for gift for the holidays. Most of the time we spend too much time searching for the best deal and end up with something that we didnt exactly want but…


I’m Me in Pink

They say life slips away faster as you get older.  But I’m only 31!  I blink and an entire month disappears.  The holidays are here and I just want to pull back and enjoy it but…