October Feelings

It’s finally October. As much as I love summer and hate to wish it away, I have a deep appreciation for fall. The season seems like it lasts forever. The preparations for Holidays and the smells. Ah!

What I love about fashion is that its always changing. Staple pieces like booties, jackets, scarfs and pants can be worn over and over with small changes that keep it fresh.  This J.Crew jacket is a perfect staple especially living in the desert. A heavy jacket is hardly needed. This lightweight and stylish piece is my new favorite buy.

I am excited for all the festivities that will soon come with the changing weather. Pumpkin picking is 1st on my list!

Photography by Jennie Slade


Shirt: J.Crew Factory / Jacket: J.Crew / Pants: Current Elliot BootiesSole Society / Purse: Kate Spade, Similar 







Happy October 1st!


So Plaid it’s Friday!

I personally like subtle hints of plaid, but not a full blown 1990s plaid shirt. It reminds me of when I was 9 and I got these super fleece plaid button up shirts from JCPennys. We were having one of the biggest snow storms in New Jersey that winter. My parents were in Arizona attending my Grandmas funeral and my brother and I were staying with some friends from our church. The babysitter ventured out to the mall and she bought me 2 shirts that were Arizona brand ( please tell me someone remembers that brand).  I loved them. They were warm and at age nine I remember thinking how conventional and fashion forward I was by putting my turtle neck underneath the shirt. I was all about layers.

I can still see those 2 shirts. One was yellow and brown plaid, and the other was baby blue and white. I have since stayed away from plaid. Not sure why, maybe it brings up the memories of my parents being away longer than they should or the itchy fabric I wore for longer than I should sub consciously keeps be from purchasing plaid.

Today I am confident in more of a silk fabric plaid! This soft and flowy shirt from Loft was a no brainer when I added it to my cart. I love it! I hope to create new memories in this deep purple and black plaid shirt.

These jeans are the most comfortable jeans I have owned to date. An impulse buy while shopping with my soon to be sister in law. I would wear them everyday. Maybe I have worn them more than 2 days in a row.

Photography by: Jennie Slade


Loft Blouse / Loft Jeans / Halogen Booties, Similar / Marc Jacobs Purse / Bauble Bar Necklace / Ray-ban Sunglasses / Nordstrom earrings






Happy Friday!


DIY Clare V Inspired clutch

I have wanted this clutch for a long time. It’s so chic and classy. There is a problem though, I cannot justify spending over $200 on a simple clutch that will only be used on special occasions. Its hard for me to financially justify spending that much on something that wont be getting its money worth.

I came across Jean’s Blog ExtraPetite a while back and she did a tutorial on how to make your own clutch that is pretty much the exact same as the $200.00

I got online and bought the necessary materials and sewed away. I am quite please with how it all came out that I am thinking this is a great gift to make for girlfriends for Christmas!


Supplies needed:

Leather 12 x 20 piece: EBAY Spotted Hair Cowhide $34.99

Zipper 12″ : EBAY  $1.99

Sewing machine, black thread, Pins

The following photos are from Extra Petites Blog Tutorial, her tutorial was so great that I didn’t need to replicate! I did exactly what she posted.


Start pinning the fabric to the zipper. I only used about 2 pins on each side. The leather is thick so it was s little difficult. I pretty much freehanded it following the zipper hem. Make sure you remove the pins as you’re sewing along.


Repeat for the other side of the zipper


Turn the material inside out, measure where you need to sew along the sides. Start sewing! 8547119396_aaed256a61_o

Closeup – stitch the side seams all the way to the edge of the zipper, making sure not to hit any metal parts and break your needle. I opened up the zipper a little bit before “sealing” the last of the three edges


Make sure you don’t close your zipper all the way (like I did) it was quite a hassle to open up after I was done sewing up my sides!

Here are my photos of my completed clutch!

IMG_4923 IMG_4924

Leave me a message if you have any questions. I am so pleased with out easy this is AND I save over $200!!

Happy Hump Day!


Floral Sass

I’ve been described as sassy for as long as I can remember.  Perhaps it was me being too little for my age, that louder and sassier got me heard among the crowd.

“More class, less sass” is the saying on this charming tee.  This tee is from She She bon bon, a quaint, sweet little boutique with inspiring and positive sayings on their tees. 10% of the profits go to anti-bullying causes, which I think is so wonderful and positive! 

This maxi skirt is stunning with these beautiful flowers against a black background.  The length makes it perfect for winter to keep you warm and the booties are genius! I’ve paired my charming tee with this skirt and the contrast is killer.

You can find these beautifully colored skirts at Agnes and Dora.  To snag one of these you can use the code MRSPRISS for 15% off!

Photography by Jennie Slade


c/0 She She bon bon tee / c/o Agnes & Dora skirt / Kate Spade Purse / Target Booties, similar / c/o MM Necklace / Ray-Ban Sunnies / Marc Jacobs Lip Gloss






Thanks for reading!