T&N Ballet Flats

A gorgeous heel can send you into spasms of pain. Luxury and comfort just shouldn't be that way. But that’s no longer the case with these beautiful, lighter than air pair of sweet little flats.  High fashion can't get more comfy.I have been dancing around, every where in my new T&N ballet fla ...
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Press PlayDo you want to know a secret??I’m happily pregnant.After two miscarriages, I wanted to be triple sure I was pregnant.  I figured if this pregnancy was still sticking around after three months, I would make the announcement. But...after seeing this little being and hearing the heartbeat, ...
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Dots and Stripes

Happy Monday! I have been so MIA lately. My life is a magnificent mess! Dishes aren't done, house is upside down, laundry everywhere, work load is crazy and I’m out of town (and out of my mind?) constantly. I need a break and a maid, a chef and a driver. If only I had a genie. But never fear, I ...
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Faux Leather

Faux leather has come a long way. Manufacturers are getting better at making skirts, pants and jackets that feel and look like $500 but cost $50.  Everyone needs at least one leather skirt.  They’re sexy and they just have this cool aura of being mysterious and exotic.  I wish! In my search fo ...
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