Two For Tuesday

Age seems to sneak up on us and one morning you look in the mirror and see all those wrinkles you never noticed before.  

Some of my wrinkles were caused by careless years of sun bathing on the roof of my dorm.  In our backward thinking we believed those sun rays were good for us.  Now I don’t leave the house without sunscreen be it in my foundation or globs of it when at the beach or pool or in the mountains this week camping!  It will be the first item thrown in my bag.

But…sometimes you crave that sun burnished skin, the lines from the swim suit and your bright summer dress showing off your tan and you sort of want it fast.  These two products by Endless Glow – Smooth Glow Shaving Potion and Endless Glow Aerosol Airbrush Spray are perfect and safe to get you that instant tan.


First Step:

EXFOLIATE!  If you don’t exfoliate, START.  It’s important to sluff off that dead skin and uneven areas especially when using tanning sprays.  

Then SHAVE, using Smooth Glow.  It hydrates your skin while shaving leaving them soft and silky.  You know when you cross your legs and they feel scratchy?  This shaving lotion makes your skin amazingly smooth!  Your legs look flawless.  Think of how your spray tan is going to look. 


Second Step:

Put a light, almost minuscule amount of Endless Glow Airbrush Spray on your elbows and knee caps.  These areas tend to go darker and you don’t want them to be obvious.  Then spray evenly.  All over.  It’s the easiest spray I’ve ever used.  Just spray a few hours before you show up at the pool, beach or summer party.  I get compliments on my tan, it looks that natural and it really lasts for days.  Seriously! 

Go to this website for more information on this wonderful product:

Before and after photos are forth coming.  You just need to try these products to see for yourself.  You will love it as much as I do, guaranteed.

 For purchasing information see here: Endless Glow

Thanks for reading and I’m looking forward to my camping in the mountains adventure!

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Soft Gray


Why do we always feel tired on Monday?  I feel Gray today.

Not the gray, down turn in weather but the gauzy, want to find a park bench and fall asleep gray.  Where the sky is covered in that thin layer of silver, the kind where dragonflies buzz around your head, you feel lazy and hazy.

It’s the clean slate of simple color in this sweet little shirt that fits my mood.  It matches these cute rolled-up jeans, add some simple accessories and and I walk with silver sparkles under my feet.

IMG_4644Shirt: J.Crew Factory Pants: Gap Similar Shoes: Sole Society Purse: Rebecca Minkoff Earrings: StellaDot
IMG_4650   IMG_4659






Photography by Taylor White


Flip Friday- Vacation Style

I love packing for vacation!  Making sure to bring enough clothes, choosing the right shoes, accessories to match and all those wonderful “just in cases” items.

Wait…I’m lying!  I hate packing.  All that picking, choosing, deciding!  Ugggg!  I wish I could hire someone. 

   However, learning from many mistakes in packing, one to master specifically is bring items you can transition from day to night.  It makes it easier to close the suitcase without sitting on it.  Making the same dress look fresh is a little tricky but more fun and leaves extra time for the sun!

This dress from Avenle, a smart little company with it’s own personality of fun clothes and not so ordinary designs, is perfect for a day to night switch.  It’s perfect for sunny, warm weather with a cute Panama style hat for shade and low comfy sandals.  Cool and drapey enough for sight seeing, lunch in a town “famous for something” cafe and shopping on a historic main street (there’s a unique one in every town).

Let that gold necklace swing, put on a pair of dressy, elegant high, strappey wedges with a lovely clutch and it’s off to a romantic dinner on the boardwalk.  Then dancing on the patio to live music.

Like what you see? Shop and use code PRISS25 to receive 25% off your order!  EXPIRES July 31st! (my birthday!)


The Day look was easy, sandals, a Panama Hat for shade, and some comfy sunnies!

IMG_4628Dress: c/o Avenele Panama Hat: c/o Avenele Shoes: Nordstrom Necklace: StellaDot Sunglasses: Ray-Ban Watch: Kate SpadeIMG_4630





Night Time Flip! Change out those flats for some CUTE wedges, ON SALE!  Convert that necklace to the long length and I’m ready to go!

IMG_4599Dress: c/o Avenele Shoes: Sole Society Clutch: Kate Spade Saturday Earrings: StellaDot Necklace: StellaDot IMG_4608






Happy Friday Everyone!


Burger Date Night

Date nights are often few and far between. 

Sometimes it’s, “I don’t want to cook, lets go out” or when we’ve been running errands,”lets grab some food, honey”.  I love me an In n’ Out, Protein Style cheeseburger and a Coke.  That’s all I need.  I’m an easy date!

I love documenting the times Nick and I have together.  Reminder:  Bring the camera for those fun Kodak moments.  And you should too!  Memories are important.

Outfit details-

Pants: Target Shirt: J.Crew Earrings: StellaDot  Sandals: Sole Society  Purse: Kate Spade



Nick seems careful eating his Animal Style burger.  Hey!  Don’t eat the wrapper!


Then there’s me eating Protein Style (comes without the bun) which is messy entertainment.


But I didn’t drip any down my chin.


Or on my shirt!


My hair is finally long enough for a top knot!


SALE ALERT! My Favorite shoes from Sole Society are all on sale right now!

Here are  my picks!

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