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This is one of the last outfits I will post.  It’s sad I won’t fit into anything for awhile but excited because all my clothes will feel new all over again.  As we were taking photos, I thought about how fast these last nine months have passed.  I think for all moms these last few weeks are slow as molasses and you wonder if your baby is ever going to show up! With sleepless nights, little feet beating me up and ribs feeling at the verge of breaking, I have to remember this will be over soon, it WILL be over!  Then my wild 15 month old drinks…


Go To Sleep Little One

This sweet little bassinet is perfect for peaceful baby dreams.  The Gliding Bassinet by Simmons Kids Beautyrest Studios has so many wonderful features,  you need nothing else but your precious little baby. This bassinet has such…


Pink N’ Black

When I look at these pictures reality hits me.  I am really, really nine month’s pregnant! Wearing anything now feels annoying.  I am usually lounging around the house in my husband’s t-shirts and soccer shorts.  Frankly,…


Making My Tote Savvy

This is a story about how a simple invention called Tote Savvy turned my crazy, chaotic, mommie life into an organized, calm and predictable one.  Well, as far as my diaper bag is concerned anyway.  Below…