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White Out & Link UP

If you follow me on instagram, you’ve seen this dress a few times.  It’s this beautiful milk glass white confection perfect for mid-summer.  White and flowy just makes the San Diego breeze feel cooler. You can wear this during pregnancy even though it’s not a maternity dress.  It’s only $68.00 and the quality is excellent. If you want the dress but not spend the money, I have linked below several other shops that have copied the dress.  I can’t speak for the quality or fit of it. My sandals are on sale AGAIN!  If you want them, GRAB them. I have them in black and blush and wear…


Dapper little Man

I remember the first time I went shopping for baby clothes.  I was sure I was having a girl.  I almost bought the sweetest white tulle dress with gold dots, but I was talked out of it.   When I found out it was a boy, I was excited to get shopping.  But I was so disappointed.  Girls get bows, frills and lace.  Boys get blue stripes, trucks and everything sports.  I was not going to buy anything with a stupid ball on it.  Granted I was shopping for itty bitty newborn clothing but still, girl’s stuff seemed so much cuter.  Dressing a boy seemed out of my league.  I’m as…


Easy Chambray

Recovering from the holiday weekend, getting caught up on work and cleaning my house like a storm from hell, you could say it’s been a week…(silent scream)! Cleaning never stops.  You get off the merry-go-round to…


Patriotic Treats

Everyone loves extravagant desserts.  I do.  But I do not have the time to make a beautiful 4th of July inspired cake with 4 layers, frosting and berries.  I wish! I do, however, have time to…