Hepburn Style

Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Sabrina and Roman Holiday were the movies that introduced me to Audrey Hepburn.  Her lovely and gracious personality shined through her movies. When I think of the word “classic” I look to her as the true fashion icon.  

Classic.  That word has so many meanings.  Movies that remain timeless in any generation,  books that remain relevant and fashion that never goes out of style.

Like sexy black heels, the “little black dress” and a pencil skirt. 

When working items in your closet don’t be afraid to take risks. I was hesitant at 1st to mix these patterns, but I love it! It is more about taking two similar colors, or styles that compliment each other.

Photography by Taylor White

IMG_4950Blouse: Loft,old Similar Skirt:Loft Shoes: Sole Society old, Similar Clutch:Kate Spade Saturday Sunglasses: Target








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Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen

I have recently added a new beauty must to my daily regime. SPF 50. I think, “It’s good for you Alia, but how greasy will it make your face”?  I know I complain how my face is so oily. So why would I slather on a product with SPF 50 and make my complexion even worse? Secret? I don’t.

Have you ever heard of Colorescience? Me either until I searched for a non-greasy sunscreen option and came across this amazing product. It’s a loose mineral sunscreen. Sounds crazy right? Powder sunscreen! I’m sure, like me, you’ve used those goopy, greasy, smelly lotions that come in sticks, sprays and oils. My face is so temperamental and high maintenance I don’t even like SPF added in my foundation. It feels like a slick layer of grease.

This powder changed the way I look at SPF for my face. I’ve started using it to set my makeup. I’m in and out of the sun all day and my face has begun to show signs of damage. Using an SPF 50 on my face comforts me, knowing I am protected and shine free all day.

Right now when you buy three Colorescience tubes you get one free at check out!

This is also waterproof for 80 minutes. This isn’t your run of the mill powder. It is actual sunscreen. It doesn’t rub off on your clothing, it’s easy to apply- just swipe and you’re done!




It’s so convenient it can be stored in a clutch, purse, backpack, any bag where you can get it quick. It’s very compact and weighs practically nothing.katespade clutch_colorescience

The brush is soft and makes it easy to apply. No pumping, twisting, or shaking. Just apply to your face. Poof! magic! colorescience powder

colorescience powder1

Find a retailer at Colorescience . You will love this product. My promise!


 Today’s post is sponsored by Colorescience, but my love for their Sunforgettable line is all my own!

Dog Days

It’s the dog days of summer.  Those last weeks where Nevada gets some of its hottest temperatures.  The sluggish sultry weather that wrings the motivation right out of you.  It’s somewhere between knowing vacations are now over and waiting for fall to blow away all these layers of used up hot weather.

This outfit is perfect for trying to perk up these summer doldrums.  With moms buying cartfuls of school supplies, shuffling kids to schools out-of-state, movie plexes are suddenly empty and the strip here in Vegas is thinning (believe it or not).  I can now shop, grab a movie or a show without fighting crowds.

Like I said, this is the perfect outfit for kicking around town with this bold but not overbearing necklace.  Cute soft stripe shirt that gives the breeze freedom to cool me off, jeans for everything and comfy wedges in neutral.  It’s sweet and breathable!


Blouse: Loft Jeans: c/o AOS & Nordstrom Shoes: Sole Society Necklace: Gift from bestie Similar Sunglasses: Nordstrom









Photography by Taylor White

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Flip Friday- Graphic T


If you haven’t noticed, t-shirts with cute sayings and sassy words are all the rage! Style Lately is an online clothing and accessory store that has some of the hottest styles and cutest accessories.

Look at this foil and gold t-shirt!!  I was excited to style this shirt as the options are endless.  I love gold.  LOVE IT. I paired it with my new gold nugget necklace from the cutest Etsy Store iCrave Jewels!   Style Lately has so many shirts to choose from, so many options, too little closet space.  The prices are great and so is the quality.  You can’t ask for more…or can you?!

boyfriend jeans_graphic tee

Shirt: c/o Style Lately Jeans: Gap Shoes: Loft, similar Necklace: c/o icrave jewels Earrings: Nordstrom Clutch: Kate Spade SaturdayIMG_0931boyfriend jeans_graphictee




gold necklace

Flip it! Flip it good!

Add a cute skirt, any design would work.  I opted for the floral pencil skirt.  This can be worn to church, or a date night (’cause we don’t get enough of those).

floralpencilskirt_dorothyperkinsSkirt: Dorothy Perkins Shoes:  Sole Society Purse: Michael Kors Necklace: c/o Sunset45floraldorothyperkins




Happy Friday! My handsome husband and I are on our way to a Utah family reunion!  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

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