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Bundle Me Up

Todays post is sponsored by J.J. Cole a favorite brand of ours! The weather here, in San Diego, is bipolar. During the day the temperature can reach up to 90 degrees then plummet as low as 60 degrees at night. I love it, but I do long for seasons that change. Going to the beach in October is awesome but I miss falling leaves in those gorgeous, rich Autumn colors and cold crisp air reminding me that winter and snow are on their way. The other night we went on a family walk and it was cold, and cold by Southern California standards is about 67 degrees.  Nick…


A Blush In Time

Why is it time slips away when you want more of it and stands still when you just want to get through the day? It’s like after a long day with babies, waiting for the clock…


Comfy Sweater Day

There is too much intolerance these days.  Lactose intolerance, gluten intolerance and every kind of food allergy you can name. This week we discovered Troy has an intolerance to lactose from the dairy protein in my…


Duds to cuddle in

It’s so hard to find comfortable clothes that are not only stylish but flattering. With a newborn in my life and an active toddler, my clothes have to be more functional.  Versatility is a must because…